Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mop and Bucket

     Hey Jammers! Today we have yet another new item located in Jam-Mart-Furniture, the mop and bucket! This item would be perceft to clean out my dusty old root cellar! I still can't seem to type below the pictures.... anyone know, or is this a problem with Blogger?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Maple Leaf Rug

       Hey Jammers! Fall and The Feast of Thanks are still in full swing in Jamaa, and that's why we have welcomed back the oh-so-festive Maple Leaf Rug!
     I'm really exited for the return of this awesome item! Are you?
    Unfortunately I still can't wright BELOW the picture(s).... I can't and shouldn't even be posting right now because I should be getting ready to leave, buuuuuuuut.... no authors want to help -.-                                                      

Friday, November 21, 2014

Jammer View #1: Rares & Betas

    Hey Jammers! Welcome to the first Jammer Views post! Today's topic: Rares and betas. Jammer Views is where I ask Jammers like you about the popular topics in Animal Jam, such as what tonight's post is about, Rares And Betas. Rares and Betas seem to have an effect on the Jammers of AJ... they seem to draw in more people, and sometimes it seems to me as if the only reason people actually play AJ is for rares... What do you think of rares and betas? Do you think they should be removed from AJ, or do you enjoy them? Do you just like them to put on your animals or in your dens? I do! I enjoy dressing up my animals, and there are alot of awesome beta clothing items out there! And now that TFD (The forgotten Desert), has brought back many betas as prizes, it makes it alot easier to collect them. Is this good? Do you enjoy winning fun and rare prizes from TFD, or would you rather not?
     Here is what Nebula30103 has to say about rares and betas, and how they may effect Animal Jam and it's Players:

  •     Q: Does having rares make trading more fun?
  • A: Yeah, because then you can get more items that you really like
  • Q: What would your reaction be if AJHQ brought betas back?
  • A: I would be happy and sad at the same time. Cause it took alot of time to get my items. Still, it would be awesome to get whatever items you want.
  • Q: Are betas hurting Animal Jam? Or do they make everything better?
  • A: if ajhq brings back most betas, most people would quit, because they worked alot for their items.
  • Q: Do you think if betas and rares did not exist, there would be no more scamming?
  • A: Yeah, if there where no betas, there would be no scammers. The only reason people scam is for rares.
    Wow, those are some great answers Nebula30103! I definitely agree with some of the things she had to say.

Vegetable basket

          Just a little reminder, I still need 2 Authors for the blog, due to all this business. I have gotten 2 offers, but they didn't email me like I told them to, so I have no clue what their email is, google+ username is, or their AJ username.          

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Vegetable Basket, on sale at Jam-Mart-Furniture! This yummy item comes with a wide variety of veggie choices, such as: Tomatos, lettuce, carrots, onions, eggplant, potatoes (>:U), cucumber..?, & broccoli!                                  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


    Here are some details you need to know for becoming an author on the blog:

  1.     Contact me: (to let me know you would like to become an author).
  2. Time you must post at: anytime after 2:00 AJ'S time, and anytime after 7:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, and to later then 6:00 AJ'S time, or 11:00 AM EST. If you have questions, use the email shown above to contact me.
  3. I will email you with what days I would like you to post.
  4. I will most likely only choose one author.
  5. Make sure you include your AJ username, and Google+ username in your email.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Posting tomorrow

    Hey guys! Just posting to say I'm not going to be able to post tomorrow, because I'm gonna be suuuper busy and will have to leave really early. I mean, I may be able to squeeze something in, but I can't guarantee.
                                                                        Jam on,


     G'morning Jammers! As you may have noticed, today is Rare Item Monday! For today's rare, we have the Rare Salamander Gills, placed on the 2nd page of Bahari Bargains! Pretty neat, huh? That makes me wonder what animal these would look good on! Hmm.....Heerrm....Ehehermm.... an otter? Otters do have longish tails, small ears (Ik salamanders don't have ears, but small ears are less visible), and 4 legs, don't they? Here's my attempt at a salamander XD.  
On another note, I can't seem to type below the pictures, Blogger seems glitchy today, so I'm am going to have to end the post here. ~arthop
P.S, I am looking for another author for the blog! If you would like to help out, email me at:


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Please & Thank you (:

Hey Jammers! I just wanted to say I am so glad you all like my blog, and I'm really grateful to all you guys who have visited! Just today I got 90 pageviews, which is huge for me, considering I just started the blog yesterday! You guys have been giving me such great feedback, too, which really lets me know that I'm NOT doing this for nothing X3. And with this, I need your help (Scareh huh? :O). I need to get more pageviews, so I ask that you guys could even just invite some buddies to the blog, or visit it often. Why am I asking this? Well, there is something called SEO (search engine optimization), which is something that helps your blog get to the top of the search list.And one of the main things you need is alot of traffic coming to your blog, and also new posts. I would be really happy if you guys could help with this!
         Thank you,

Mystery item 1#

Hey jammers, arthop here with our first Mystery Item post!
      Alrighty, todays mystery item is the staff! Most people know these items as unreleased items from the beta days, which are shown standing in a clay pot in Jam-Mart-Clothing:

So today, I was on Aldan in Crystal Sands, and spotted these!
Where do you think they came from? Do any of you have one? Can you get them in the eagle adventure?
            One of these staffs (left) called the Alpha Staff, looks alot like Liza's staff, dosen't it? What if the alphas are making an alpha training camp (lol), because they need more alphas to help fight off the phantoms?Maybe this is what we would use! Comment your ideas, stories, sightings, etc down below!
                                                                             Mystery Awaits,

Wood Coat Jukebox

       Hey jammers! Today's new item is the wood coat hanger, sold in jam mart clothing! Pretty stylin', eh? This would be perfect for a more earthy type den, like the Enchanted Hollow! Also, if you keep changing colors of the item, you will find that butterfly wings will also appear on it;

 On a more disappointing (gawd, I canent spel fur da lief of meh towdaee, I've been using spell check, so that's why it doesn't seem like it XD), it is the last day for the Icecream Parlor Jukebox :(. How will I ever wipe off all the icecream off my face without the napkins that come with it?!?!?

sad,sad,sad,sad, I SHALL NEVER BECOME CAPABLE OF REMOVING THIS DREADFUL, COLD, CREAMY SUBSTANCE FROM MY FACE!!!!!!Must....have......napkin..... Oops, forgot you can still buy them O.o. That's all for today!
                                                     Adios, amigos!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Turkey hat and leaving items

Hey jammers! So, today  the truly adorable, and much-loved turkey hat has returned to Jamaa for the feast of thanks!

And unfortunately, for the beloved Ice Cream Cake Freezer it is it's last day in Jamaa today. My taste buds will miss you.                                                

Also leaving is the summer items, the Soccer Ball Hat, Hula Skirt, Backpack, and Woven hat :( Farewell, my friends, though my inventory is full and I cannot buy you, I will wear these pictures instead:

That's all for today! Farewell to you, and to the departing items! And don't forget to pick up the IceCream Cake Freezer before it's gone tomorrow~