Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mystery item 1#

Hey jammers, arthop here with our first Mystery Item post!
      Alrighty, todays mystery item is the staff! Most people know these items as unreleased items from the beta days, which are shown standing in a clay pot in Jam-Mart-Clothing:

So today, I was on Aldan in Crystal Sands, and spotted these!
Where do you think they came from? Do any of you have one? Can you get them in the eagle adventure?
            One of these staffs (left) called the Alpha Staff, looks alot like Liza's staff, dosen't it? What if the alphas are making an alpha training camp (lol), because they need more alphas to help fight off the phantoms?Maybe this is what we would use! Comment your ideas, stories, sightings, etc down below!
                                                                             Mystery Awaits,


  1. Wow! It's surprising to see these new items! I think they either came from the eagle adventure or the person might have been a beta tester.

  2. I would just like to say that this blog is really awesome!

  3. Thank you guys for all this great feedback, I really appreciate it!!


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