Friday, November 21, 2014

Jammer View #1: Rares & Betas

    Hey Jammers! Welcome to the first Jammer Views post! Today's topic: Rares and betas. Jammer Views is where I ask Jammers like you about the popular topics in Animal Jam, such as what tonight's post is about, Rares And Betas. Rares and Betas seem to have an effect on the Jammers of AJ... they seem to draw in more people, and sometimes it seems to me as if the only reason people actually play AJ is for rares... What do you think of rares and betas? Do you think they should be removed from AJ, or do you enjoy them? Do you just like them to put on your animals or in your dens? I do! I enjoy dressing up my animals, and there are alot of awesome beta clothing items out there! And now that TFD (The forgotten Desert), has brought back many betas as prizes, it makes it alot easier to collect them. Is this good? Do you enjoy winning fun and rare prizes from TFD, or would you rather not?
     Here is what Nebula30103 has to say about rares and betas, and how they may effect Animal Jam and it's Players:

  •     Q: Does having rares make trading more fun?
  • A: Yeah, because then you can get more items that you really like
  • Q: What would your reaction be if AJHQ brought betas back?
  • A: I would be happy and sad at the same time. Cause it took alot of time to get my items. Still, it would be awesome to get whatever items you want.
  • Q: Are betas hurting Animal Jam? Or do they make everything better?
  • A: if ajhq brings back most betas, most people would quit, because they worked alot for their items.
  • Q: Do you think if betas and rares did not exist, there would be no more scamming?
  • A: Yeah, if there where no betas, there would be no scammers. The only reason people scam is for rares.
    Wow, those are some great answers Nebula30103! I definitely agree with some of the things she had to say.

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